Expansion of Great Salt Lake Minerals
The issue: Great Salt Lake Minerals is seeking permission to expand its current operation for the creation of evaporation ponds that produce sulfate potash. 

Concerns: Loss or degradation of bird habitat (including waterfowl), reduction in Lake levels, altering of the Lake’s chemistry.

Latest News: August 8, 2010. Great Salt Lake Audubon signs on to a Petition for Consistency Review with the Friends of Great Salt Lake, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, Utah Airboat Association, Western Wildlife Conservancy, Utah Waterfowl Association, Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, Bridgerland Audubon, Wasatch Audubon, Utah Rivers Council, Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club, League of Women Voters of Salt Lake, and League of Women Voters of Utah. This Petition is seeking review of the consistency with Utah's Public Trust Doctrine and with Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Land's Sovereign Land Management Planning regulations regarding the second leasing decision for Great Salt Lake Minerals.

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