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Local Action Alerts

Henefer Sage-Grouse Lek Endangered:  Join Rahul Mukherjee's Facebook group "SAVE THE HENEFER GREATER SAGE-GROUSE LEK" to read about the Sept 16th public hearing in Morgan County and to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Congratulations to Rahul for being chosen by WildEarth Guardians as their latest "Activist Spotlight" honoree!! 

Read this article from the Sept 16 SL Trib:
Morgan County owners envisions resort on sage grouse turf

Read this op-ed piece from the Sept 14 SL Trib:
Utah's Sage Grouse Plan may flunk its first test

Read these two articles for a summary of the Aug 14th public hearing:
Morgan Co opens door for new resort
Compromise possible in Morgan Co SG Dispute

National Action Alerts
2014 Legislative Updates

GSLA Legislative Advocate is Steve Erickson, 801.554.9029

Positions, Comments
  • Read GSLA's comments on the Final Draft of the GSL Comprehensive Management Plan and Mineral Leasing Plan.
  • Read letter to the editor by Steve Erickson, our legislative advocate "Act now to stop Las Vegas' water grab" and make your voice heard.

If you find an injured bird
  • Go to this link to find the appropriate wildlife rehabilitator in your area. 


Christmas Bird CountSaturday December 20th. Call Pomera at 801-272-2755 or email her at pinkstring@xmission.com if you would like to participate.

San Blas Birding Tour FundraiserSOLD OUT!!

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